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London Travel Day 3

The skyline of London.


From the rooftop of a great building called Chapter Spitalfields, it is obvious that London creates. I haven't been to London since I was 16, and the eyes of a young teenager are much different than my eyes are now.        

  Design is all I have thought about all day...

From the top of the top of the skyscrapers to the street art below, I am amazed!

This is going to be fun to share.

Peace Always,




London Travel Day 2

...and when the clouds broke, everything was green shaped like blocks of color in a cubist painting.  I made it!


We pulled up to our gate, and I noticed the word every English woman knows...Harrods! Love the hangar...love the plane.

Off for a day of adventures. The city awaits!!!    

London Travel Day 1

So I don't like to fly. No.. I mean I really don't like to fly. But today I am flying and pushing back fear and replacing it with adventure. Did I say adventure? Ugh..
I am in the air as I write this. It is dark outside now and it is 7.5 hours to London.
Adventure. Half full. So much to see. So much to find for my stores!
Yep... there was an S on that noun. I'm opening another store soon and am buying all across Europe to fill both of them with the amazing things I find. Just need to get there and get these chicken feet on the ground! Stay tuned. I plan on writing the whole way! Can't wait to show you what it's like through my eyes!
Breathing deep...

Honoring Memorial Day

Dr. Dana Covington Mitchell Jr. 

War hero 
Amazing man
My father
Thank you to all who serve and have served our country.
With great respect I say thank you for your service! 

Happy Memorial Day!

He received a bronze star for ‘heroic or meritorious achievement or service’ as well as a Purple Heart. He was wounded while serving in the pacific.

A Different Kind of Mother's Day

When I think of my mother 

my heart and eyes well with tears. 

This is a hard Mother's Day. 

It will be the first Mother's Day with my mother gone. 


As I reflect on all the things I love about her 

I realize there isn't enough room on a page to explain how much she means to me. 


I am the eighth child. 

The baby of the family. 

I loved being her baby. 

I will always be my mother's baby. 


There is something about a mother's eyes that see your soul. 

A mother who is always happy when she sees your face. 

I was blessed to have 54 years with this amazing woman. 

I wanted more. 


To all the mothers out there whose mothers are not here, 

I send my love and understanding. 

To all the mothers who celebrate this day with their children, their mothers, grandmothers or those who they love with a mothers love, 

I send up a heaven filled with stars 

and more flowers then you can hold. 

I send you the peaceful sleep a new mothers craves and long visits an old mama hopes for. 


Happy Mother's Day, 

from me to you! 

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