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South Carolina 'Gator Skinned Goods

There is only one George Campsen and there is only one George Campsen original alligator skinned product. 

A Charleston native, George Campsen started his business while a high school student. His business is far from the commercial farm-raised alligator business... most alligator products you find in a retail setting are from commercial industry with farm-raised alligators. Not a Campsen business. You will find him in the woods - nothing farm raised. The ACE basin, the South Carolina woods, and a natural setting are where his gators are raised.  

So, Campsen's business model is a little different.  From start to finish, he is a part of the process. Donned in blue jeans and a baseball cap, he hunts the basins and impoundments of South Carolina, wrangles with a fishing line or bow & arrow, and completes the skinning and salting of the hide himself. 

Each product, from belt to money clip to gun sling, is hand stamped with the South Carolina tag number of the individual alligator. 

There is a booming alligator population in South Carolina and a statewide hunting season, so during these times Campsen is busy. There is only so much time and there are only so many Campsen Originals each year. 

It’s the perfect gift for the hunting family member in your life, the one-of-a-kind shopper, or a proud South Carolinian. There are very few retailers where George Campsen has chosen to sell his products, and ESD is honored to be one of those he has selected.

Shop in the store and own a piece of South Carolina hunted, created, stamped by one of South Carolina's finest. 


Sweet Gifts for your Sweetie - ESD's 2017 Valentine's Gift Guide


One size does not fit all when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. Whether your special someone is a sweet-toothed beau or a green-thumbed hobbyist, ESD has a gift perfect for your sweetie. 

1. Rebecca Lankford, Raw Diamond Necklace, $539

2. Tisane - Love That Burns, Votive Candle $19

3. Rebecca Lankford, Perfect Love Necklace, $891

4. Olive Wood Heart, Handcrafted in Kenya, $20

5. Julie Cohn, Galaxy Cuff, $295

6. Lemon Cypress Tree, support your local garden store! 

7. Barbara Biel, Heart Paperweights, $34

8. Belle de Sucre, Sugar Pink Powder Box, $15

9. Rene Escobar, Handcrafted Earrings, $960

10. Contemporary Carroll Decanter, $99

Camellias: A Winter Garden Must in the South

Gardening in the South, especially in the winter, can be a serious challenge.

I write this sitting by the fire, just a few days after my birthday and a few days prior to Christmas. December is a magical month for me, for obvious reasons, but for someone like me who would choose flowers over food, a winter garden can be a real challenge. If I had to give one piece of winter gardening advice, it would be that camellias are a MUST. Of the camellia flower family, there are early bloomers and late bloomers. If you get a few of both you can ensure a beautiful bloom throughout many of the cold winter months. While camellias are not known to be great cut flowers since they do not last very long, if you float them you can get a few fabulous days of indoor color. In my house, I use a shallow silver tray, fill it with water, clip a few sprigs of evergreen (holly, podacarpus, or rosemary), lay them in the tray, and then place the camellias. The greenery will keep the bloom above the water and the final display will be stunning. Mix this with a few tea light candles all around and winter will never have looked so beautiful.

Enjoy and stay warm.

Happy Gardening!

-Muffie Faith

A Treasure for the Day: Cathedral's in Atlanta

I knew I should've gone to church on Sunday. No, kidding...kind of. 
Today in Atlanta while hunting for a client's perfect dining room table I found a church, or I guess you could say a cathedral. One man hand carved this amazing treasure that stopped the entire design team in their tracks. We all stood in amazement. What was the artist like? Where could you place this? It was amazing! It wasn't the treasure we were looking for, but definitely the treasure for the day.
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