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Mother's Sunset

I have traveled so much this summer.

When I traveled in the past, I would always call my mom. No matter where I was, if there was something amazing that I just couldn't believe, my mom was the first person I wanted to tell. It was as if she was the marker. She is what made it real ...if I could tell her and describe it and share it with her...she would put it in the bank...the bank of memories. The bank where I had a special joint account with only my mother.

I have missed my mom so much. I could be dramatic and tell you how many days she's been gone...but to be honest, I haven't counted. I just know that when I look up and there is something I need to tell her, I can't hear her voice. Days don't matter anyway.  I just miss her voice.

I see a lace pattern. When you take away the faded lace, what is left is the structure... the design. Now that she is gone, her absence has left the pattern of me and all that I am. I find I miss the structure... even though I am the design. I miss the security.

I miss hearing my mom say "Hey, Sugar".
Does it make me childish that I know no one will love me as much as my mom did?

On my flight to England there were patches of green everywhere. They were so beautiful. Then as I flew further there were patches of purple mixed in. It was lavender, and I needed to tell mom how amazing they were. She would have loved it.

I needed to tell her how the sand on the way to Morocco changed from clay to pink and back to clay colors,

and how much I miss my children as they are settled in the towns that they have chosen.

Did she miss me when I grew up?

I want to talk about it.

I need to talk about it.

If you don't mind, Mom, would you rub my head as we talk about it?

Tonight the sunset was beautiful. Every 10 minutes it changed.

A different beautiful shade.


So beautiful.

I send these to you.

This is my letter, and as I walk back down the dock and my heart aches for your voice,
I hope you were there and heard me in the sunset.

I was here missing you.

The Sea Is Calling

 ...for lunch in Amalfi, Conca Del Sogno is one of my most favorite spots...in the world! 

Come by boat.

Go for lunch...

Sit by the rail (you will need reservations for this desired spot)...

Look through the pink bougainvillea,

As you order your wine.

Turquoise blue green water below -

Blue and white umbrellas to the right -

And the sea...the beautiful Mediterranean Sea stretching to the horizon.

The sea will always call you...

But the most amazing food in the world has only just been ordered and the wine is not yet finished.

Peace Always,

Muffie Faith

Sleeping By The Ritz

Traveling in Italy. Buying and shopping... shopping and buying.

I walked into a shop and quickly began my tip toe. Sound asleep was the shopkeeper... I snuck a picture and moved on.

I didn't need any Ritz crackers or Italian pottery bad enough to wake this sweet woman!

Peace Always,

Muffie Faith

At Home and Neil Young

Here in Italy. Countryside...
Quiet. Crickets. Dark.
Wind is blowing through the trees,
And I am lying on stone stairs. Amazing stone stairs, looking at a heaven filled with stars.

The best part of this is that I have selected Neil Young to drift through this Italian moment with me.
I am alone, save the music, to drink in the magnitude of the moment. Italy and home woven throughout. You can't take home out of me. It IS me. No matter where I go, I will always be from Spring Lake Road. Tall pines and music drifting through my every moment.

Peace and music to everyone. And home and Neil Young.

Muffie Faith

A Little Bit of Italy in London

What do you do when you decide to go get your hair trimmed in another country? What do you do when the stylist is Italian and handsome? What do you do when he rubs his hands through your hair...pushing it this way and that way...saying (in his fabulous Italian accent): "You need to haveuh a shortuh hair cut!...You needuh this...You needuh that..."

Well, I did what every American woman would do. I diduh THIS...and I diduh THAT...and NOW I haveuh shortuh hair cut!

Anduh...somtimes...I speakuh in an Italian accent!

Peace Always,

Muffie Faith

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