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Jewelry SALE!

Ring a ding ding.  Jewlery sale is ON!   Dana Kellin has never had such a sparkle and who doesn't look good in blue? 3stone_earring1                            

I love this ring by Gabrielle Sanchez.   It is so beautiful.   Just the right amount of sparkle and such a simple design.  

Love it!


Cuffs are in and so many of these designs are similar to the designs that were found in the tombs of the pyramids.    Power to those who wore them.   Well, at least, the power to be beautiful!  


All jewelry 15-60% off!  Jewelry designers include Dana Kellin, Gabrielle Sanchez, Rebecca Lankford, Satya, Nava Zahavi, and Gurhan - amongst many others.  Please contact store for details.

  • Muffie Faith
  • ESD findsMuffie

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  • Aug 14, 2014

    do you still have a gold cuff that was there about a week ago? I was in town- and loved it!

    — pamela toder

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