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Enjoy your life

My hydrangeas are blooming. All over my garden are the beginnings of a wonderland of blue, pink, white and green hydrangeas. I have planted many over the years. Slowly and methodically I have selected and planted my favorite treasures. Thus is the problem. I won't pick them!  What's up with that?  Even though I have, dare I say, 60 or so, I can't bring myself to pick them and enjoy them inside. Crazy I know. But I was lamenting this problem this morning in a still moment that I rarely have.....why do we save the things we love and not use them?  Shouldn't we enjoy them instead of hoarding them?  Keep them behind glass doors to see but not use? You know the whole dish thing. We never use our fancy dishes but instead use our every day? Yeah, I have that problem too. So now what? Cut the flowers in a blue decadent bouquet? Pull down all of my grandmother's and my skillfully collected treasures for a dinner party with friends? You bet. So here goes. I challenge you to do the same. Whatever your treasure behind  the "glass" is, use it. Take a shot and send it to us. I will do the same and I have to saythat I feel the pressure already. But I want to be different these days. Maybe I am getting old and with that wiser. So here goes.....make a memory. Do something different and challenging. Cause you know this is as much a metaphor as it is an actual issue. Enjoy your life. Grab it. Use it. I challenge you.  

pink-hydrangea1                       blue-hydrangea

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  • Aug 14, 2014

    You are so right…why do we do that…I must admit I gave all my grandmothers special tea cups to my daughter last year with a china cabinet to store them in…we moved to a small condo no room! And I know she takes them out and uses them all the time, I only used them for special company…so sad.
    My other daughter got my grandmothers antique china cabinet (same grandmother) and painted it black and filled it with CD’s…I wanted to paint it for years but just could not…when I mentioned it to my mom, she said oh my I would not do that either…I say it looks fab, my grandmother would love it and why not!!!
    I will start using the stuff I have been saving…from now on…
    Regards, Carol Ann

    — Carol Ann

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