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Happy Father's Day

This Father's Day I reflect back to time with my father. He has been gone now 12 years and even though we had what seemed to be a love hate relationship, I miss him to this day. He was a good man and a talented man. He was far from perfect but he was my father. So today on this Fathers Day I give thanks for my dad. Dad, you gave me many gifts that I have carried on and some, even perfected. Thank you for the gift of the "eye". I too can spot the diamond in the pile of rubbish. Thank you for the love of art and the love of dirt on my hands as I finish up the last of my plantings. Thank you for the love of the color orange...I have an orange shirt on right now as I type this. You know...I am sorry that we didn't have time to be friends. So dad, I send you a simple Father's Day gift... A starfish that I found that is camouflage. I send you.   starfish                    

A sailboat to sail around in my dreams.  


I send you a picture of my daughter because you may want to remember just how I looked back when the summer seemed forever.



  I send you a point sienna tree for all the times you had me stand in front of one for "just one more shot."  


I send you a shot of my favorite spot on earth. This room could have been designed by you...I love the colors you loved.  


I send you a summer thunderstorm to wash away whatever we had wrong between us dad.  


  And today, I toast you my father...this Father's Day with my favorite beer of the Bahamas. Happy Father's Day.  


Dad. I love you.




  • Muffie Faith
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