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Local artist we love

So I shop at Whole Foods and there is a man who works there that always grabs my attention. He has a huge beard and long hair. I have never seen so much hair and he has the kindest eyes. You can't miss him. One day I saw him walking down Spring Street, one day in the Old Village. Curious. I like that he IS who he is. I like that he seems to do what is right for him. So much to learn from someone I don't even know. Well...one day my friend Mimi, who is a music aficionado, told me about this great new CD that she was diggin. She said to turn it up loud... especially loud in the car. I did as I was told and it is so good...his voice, the lyrics...the soul of it. Any guesses who the writer is? Any guesses who the lead singer is? He has kind eyes behind a beard at Whole Foods. Don't miss it. We sell the CD and the band is Crowfield
Check out the song called "what makes you think you are sad." 
The only negative I would say is that I wish the mix of songs had smoother transitions but a major record label should be able to fix that little detail. Go local! Buy it!


  • Muffie Faith
  • ESD findsFavoritesMuffie

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