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Design Tip-area rugs

Q: What portion of the room should an area rug cover?A: What you don’t want is an area rug that comes right under the legs of all the furniture and then stops. Go bigger, as this will make the room itself appear larger. Pay attention to air vents and thoroughfares when you measure for a rug too. You don’t want to cover the vents and you don’t want your rug where people passing through will trip over it. rug                       (Rug shown is hand woven natural coral)
  • Muffie Faith
  • DesignDesign TipsESD finds

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  • Aug 14, 2014

    Dear Muffie, this is always the toughest thing for me to get through to clients. They purchase the area rug by the price and do not want to spend much so they always want to go smaller than I have spec’ed on their floor plan. Most give in and purchase the right size but a few will come back to the store I work out of and order the wrong size when I am not there…makes a mess of the whole room, drives me crazy!
    Thank you for this post, maybe some rooms will be saved with this post…Listen people, we do this everyday…we know how to make the room look good! Trust us…

    — Carol Ann

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