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Design Tip-Hanging a Chandelier

Q: What is the correct height for hanging a chandelier?
A: If you’re hanging the chandelier over a table, aim for 30 to 34 inches over the tabletop for an eight-foot ceiling. If your ceiling is higher than eight feet, mount the chandelier an additional three inches higher for each foot of ceiling. If the chandelier isn’t meant to be centered over a piece of furniture, first consider your ceiling height. For example, in a living room with 11-foot ceilings, you could hang it four feet from the ceiling or as high a three feet from the ceiling. For low ceilings, think about the tallest person you know, and make sure they would be able to walk comfortably underneath the chandelier. Before hanging it, have someone stand back to see if it’s blocking anything else in the room. You want the view of the chandelier to fill empty space on the wall behind it, not block your favorite painting.


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  • Muffie Faith
  • DesignDesign TipsESD finds

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