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Infinity and Beyond...

Tranquility, Peace, and Pleasure.

Just what every backyard needs. Have you ever been to an amazing resort with a breathtaking infinity pool and view? If not check out Coastal Living's April Issue on Dream Pools. Every backyard can't have these expansive views but why not work with what you have and create your own breathtaking pool and view.     A few of my favorite things to enjoy while you soak up the sun... 1.San Diego Hat Company Large Braided Sun Hat,Bloomingdales 2. Bari by Marysia Swim (my favorite swimwear designer and friend) 3. Pink Umbrella by Gloster (purchase through ESD) 4. Kiehl's Suncreen 5. Voodoo Cocktail, Coastal Living 6. Traditional Clevedon Staking Lounger by Gloster, (purchase through ESD) 7. Diane von Furstenberg Twisted Metal Frame Sunglasses, Bloomingdales 8. Cotton Throws, ESD 9. Snakeskin Capri Sandals by J.Crew 10. Café Noir Tote by Libeco (purchase through ESD)
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  • Aug 14, 2014

    I Love this! You just inspired me!

    — marysia

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