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Louis Louis

So what is with all the Louis Furniture Styles?  Where did these come from?  Louis who?

Louis XIV furniture is associated mostly with Baroque style – think Versailles.  Over the top, richly carved furniture was made of precious woods and often gilded for that truly “more is more” look.


Louis XV saw a mixture of styles – Rococo leading into Neoclassicism.  Caned chairs made of beech, walnut, and cherry had loose seat cushions.  Later in his reign, a social reaction against the overwhelming ornamentation and fussiness of Rococo helped pave the way for Neoclassicism.


Louis XVI saw a complete return to a more classic – Greek – ideal.  Simple shapes, straight lines, and classic proportions define Louis XVI style.  The most easily recognizable motif is the fluted leg with a carved rosette.


Louis Philippe, crowned in 1830 is identified by simple rounded lines (unlike the simple straight lines of Neoclassicism) with very little ornamentation.  The introduction of many new tools allowed creating rounded shapes easier and more readily available. 

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