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Tut, Tut, It Looks Like Rain!

Today is such a rainy day.  This morning I threw on my favorite bright orange wellies and my rain coat and trudged to work through the wet mess.  At first the rain put me in a terrible mood.  All I could think about was how much I wanted to be curled up in bed with some Earl Grey tea and copy of Domino Magazine.  But when I finally got to work I realized how inspirational the rain is for watercolors...  the soft hues, the wispy brush strokes, the bleeding lines of colors mixing together. Here are a few of my favorite watercolor artists that have inspired my work.

Watercolor by Sandra Suy

Watercolor by Caitlin McGauley

Watercolor by Malissa Ryder


  • Muffie Faith
  • ArtESD

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