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The Dog Days Aren't Over!

I have been away on my honeymoon in the Cayman Islands for the past 2 1/2 weeks!! While I had an absolutely incredible time, it's always good to be home. It is great to be back in my apartment, back sleeping in my own bed, back at work... doing what I love, but it's especially great being with my puppies again! I never realized how much I loved my dogs until I had to be without them for nearly three weeks.  I guess it's as the saying goes, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone."  No wagging tails when I opened the door, no slobbery kisses when I was feeling sad... I missed my furry friends so much that I even brought them a souvenir from the Cayman Islands; their very own Guy Harvey dog collars! But I am not the only designer who dotes on her dogs...

Housewares designer Tina Frey shows how much she loves her dog, Zoe, by hanging a pink print, reminiscent of the dog, in her entryway.

Coastal Living Style Director, Heather Chadduck, updated her Birmingham bedroom with washable, chic, Victoria Hagan fabrics that allow her dog to snuggle up without ruining her new look. You can give your own dog the same luxury treatment by following these tips from HGTV's article, "Nine Tips For a Chic, Pet-Friendly Home.

Or if you don't want to share your bed, you can get your four-legged friend a chic bed of his very own; These chic dog beds, made from repurposed vintage suitcases, will have Rover sleeping in style.

My two girls, Kiah & Juneau, claiming the sofa at my pet-friendly home.

Muffie Faith's puppy, Boone, claims her shower for his bath time.

  • Muffie Faith
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