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Proud To Be An American Designer

Happy Olympics 2012!! What a great excuse to celebrate being an American!  During the olympics opening ceremony, while watching the lighting of the torch and sporting my red, white, and blue, I began to ask myself what it really means to be an American Designer. America was founded on the idea of forging new frontiers and claiming what you find as your own.  To this day, Americans still carry out that mindset with their desire to have a house of their own.  We then search high and low for the perfect finds that we can use to make our place stand out from the rest.  These unique design characteristics of our houses are what makes them feel like home. American greats such as Kelly Wearstler,  Victoria Hagan, Albert Hadley, and Thomas Britt all have their own spin on what "American Design" really is, yet they all seem to come back to their Red, White, and Blue roots!  As different as their takes on design may be, all of thier works are as inspirational as watching the fireworks display on the Fourth of July!  It's works like these that inspire us to become Interior Designers and work at great interior design firms like Elizabeth Stuart Design.  Come in to see what makes us unique American Designers!

Victoria Hagan's red, white, and blue room
Albert Hadley's red, white, and blue room
Thomas Britt's red, white, and blue room
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