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Dana*David Jewelry

As a special treat a friend of mine gave me a pair of earrings for Christmas. I wasn't expecting it and I sure wasn't expecting earrings, much less, fabulous earrings. The Dana*David "Cono Bubble" earrings with a simple gold thread and the perfect dangle, definitely made an impact on me. I enjoyed wearing these earrings the entire month of December, January, and maybe even into February. I'm not sure I ever wore another pair because they are simple, elegant, and they glow in such a subtle way. I guess that's why they call them moonstones! Well....all good things must come to an end at least temporarily in this story. Damn if I didn't flush one of my earrings down the toilet (don't ask!) and it was my favorite one. You'd think they were the same but they were not. The one I had flushed had an itty bitty star and when my friend gave it to me, she said I was a star. So being in the business, what do you think I did? I hunted it down like all good retailers should do. So I am proud to announce ESD is now carrying Dana*David jewelry, and yes, we have to famous Cono Bubble earring with the itty bitty star.


But my tip of the day is if you're going to take your earrings off while seated, keep your legs closed!


Here's a little background from their website: The Dana*David Collection re-defines modern luxury with jewelry for the way we live today. Inspired by graphics and architecture, the bold, sculptural design is married with classic elegance and attention to detail. Always passionate about fine jewelry, Dana Melnick began designing her own pieces because she was unable to find jewelry that she could relate to on a personal level -substantial pieces that reflected her passion for great design, fashionable and hip enough for every day wear. The overwhelming number of compliments and inquiries she received on these pieces led her to the decision to make her jewelry available to women besides herself. Meticulously hand-crafted using the finest materials, the pure shapes and satin finishes are designed to enhance the natural beauty and elegance of the metal and stones.

A lover of the graphic shape of stars since childhood, each piece is signed with her trademark logo star. Dana's jewelry expresses the individuality and self-confidence of the women who wear it, fashionably luxurious statement pieces that reflect their own personal style. They have their own identity and relate to the edgy femininity of these very wearable designs. "This is the jewelry that I like to wear, jewelry 'sportswear' that goes with my wardrobe and lifestyle." ESD is so excited to now be featuring several pieces from their line!

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