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The Perfect Pick

One of my favorite parts of summer is the flowers.  It might be because of their beautiful, bright colors, or their intoxicating fragrance.  Or it might be because I grew up in northern Michigan, where the blooms would only last a few weeks!  As soon as the cherry blossoms would start to bud in our back yard, we would treasure every moment of their presence. My mother was an avid gardener and would spend nearly every day of our too-short summers in the back yard with her shovel in the dirt. Then, when the bulbs she had planted finally bloomed, she would help me pick the perfect flowers to arrange at our kitchen table.  To this day, coming home to a table of fresh flowers brings the memories of the short Michigan summers rushing back to me. And I bet you didn't know that the owner of ESD, Muffie Faith, was once a florist!  Design can run in your blood in many ways... interior, exterior, and in the love of designing with flowers! To make your own perfect flower arrangement, try using one of the tips below, or you can use Margaret’s tips  on how to use the super cute bud vases, found right here at ESD!

The perfect way to add a unique touch to your flower arrangement is to put it in a funky vessel! This turquoise teapot adds the perfect punch of color to this pink bouquet.

You can add some visual interest to your bouquet by putting a little something in the water! These lemon slices are a great way to add some unexpected color to an otherwise neutral bouquet.

When designing your arrangement, don’t limit yourself to only flowers. Adding herbs, such as rosemary, to the mix is a great way to bring in different textures and new shades of green.

Flower arrangements can also go vertical! This gorgeous succulent planter is actually hung from the wall and is a completely new spin on “wall art”.

Our very own ESD designer, Kelly Gordon, used these lush hydrangeas as a simple, elegant way to make her design clients feel welcome in their new home.

  • Muffie Faith
  • DesignDesign TipsESDESD findsGardenMuffie

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