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Back to Class

As summer is nearing an end, heading back to school is on the brain.  Students across the country are getting ready to head back to school, and back to class.  But today I don't want to talk about "class" as in a room filled with desks, pencils, and a chalkboard, I want to talk about "class" as in a room filled with sophistication. So let's talk about the infamous kid's room.  In the interior design world, this room has become synonymous with "cheesy", "hoaky", and a little bit of "lame".   Now, just because you're decorating for a kid doesn't mean that the room needs to have a Disney Princess theme!  Think outside the box! Being a kid was all about adventure, dreams, and imagination.  And what better way to honor this than to use a bit of imagination ourselves?  See below for some great ideas on how to make your child fall in love with his or her new kid's room that's bringing classy back.

This incredible kid's room by Tracy Bross provides the perfect space for a sophisticated sleepover.
This boy's room is fun, yet still fabulous with its use of the exposed wood walls, upholstered headboard, antique light fixture, and vintage tennis rackets.
Add some understated whimsy to your kid's room by hand-painting a map on the floor!
Our very own designer, Kelly Gordon, designed this beautiful kid's room worthy of very sweet dreams.


  • Muffie Faith
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