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Stairway to Heavenly Design

While looking through recent design magazines and blogs, I have come accross a few great ideas on how to jazz up a part of your house that is usually designed with the idea that functionality comes before beauty: your stairs!  This bridge between the floors of your house is actually a blank canvas just waiting to be made beautiful.  Follow the tips below to take your stairs from blah to beautiful!

Create visual interest on each step by using painter's tape to help paint chevron stripes!
Put a new spin on a traditional stair runner by going with animal print.
Or you can create a runner on a budget by simply painting a thick line of a contrasting color up your stair!
Create a message that can be read up each step by painting on lyrics to a song.
ESD's own designer, Kelly Gordon, created a beautiful beachy feel to the client's stairway by adding a sisal runner.
  • Muffie Faith
  • ArtDesignDesign TipsESD

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