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I moved to Charleston from Boston about six months ago and while I miss it, I have never been homesick. Until Monday. People reacted to such an awful event in the most incredible ways:
  • Runners completed the race, heard what had happened, and continued running to Mass General to donate blood. The Red Cross had so many people donate that they had to issue a public statement saying that they didn’t need any more.
  • A Google Doc was set up as a resource for displaced marathon runners who needed somewhere to rest and over 2,000 people in greater Boston offered spare bedrooms, sofas, showers, home cooked meals and rides.
  • A Google Person Finder was set up for those trying to locate loved ones or loved ones trying to get the message out that they were okay. All cell phone service was suspended in Boston and many people were left frantically searching for others.
  • Restaurants in downtown Boston offered free meals to anyone.
  • Bostonians handing out blankets and jackets.
These are the reasons that I’m proud to be from such an incredible place. When humanity showed its’ absolute worst, so many showed their absolute best.
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