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Meyelo is a company founded on empowering artisans through their craft with sustainable income and investing in their communities through commerce and education. Their jewelry and accessories are hand crafted in Kenya by members of the community who are educated on best business practices and the greater global economy. Investing in small business is the key to social and economic change and every time you purchase Meyelo you encourage more opportunity in the artisans community and provides them with a source of fair trade income and gives a global platform for their work. 

 When you wear Meyelo, you are changing lives and we proud to carry their line!

Most of the artisans have limited access to education and opportunity. Their company permanently invests in the future of our artisans and their communities by giving a portion of our proceeds back into the growth of their small businesses. With every purchase, you are helping provide for their families and support their community, and are contributing to the employment of over 80 local Kenyans.

Shop the Collection Online! Or visit us in Mount Pleasant, SC.

  • Muffie Faith
  • ArtistESDJewelry

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