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Vail Divine

I started going to Vail to ski a long time ago. When I had children I would spend time wrapping Christmas presents and then UPS the entire Christmas to Colorado. It was no little feat. Being teary at the UPS store is little embarrassing but what are you going to do when a snow storm has halted Santa’s UPS trucks.
Footie pajamas and snowball fights and Christmas. It was really special.
Next trek to Colorado was to Vail for a knee surgery…my third. Because of the complications, I had to stay there a month.  Whats a retail girl to do but go to every single store in Vail and get ideas and a new perspective. I love being in an organized store. I love seeing the beautiful collections that store owners and their buyers put together. Some really stand out and there are two great stores that I love in Vail. Kemo Sabe is a fantastic boot store. They sell boots and cowboy hats, belts and buckles among other things. The vintage boots go fast but don’t worry... they have figured out how to design boots using old great designs and do it quite well. This year there were more square toed boots with such fun designs up the sides. I almost fell for a pair with indian chiefs up the side. They are really helpful and fun…its just fun to be in the store! I didn’t get boots this time but I did get a suede purse with 8 inches of suede fringe hanging from it. I felt like Janis Joplin….it had to be mine!
My other favorite store is Axel's. They know what they are doing! The sales staff is incredibility knowledgable and the leather jackets, coats and dusters are to die for. It is a collection piece store. What you buy there you will have forever. Don’t miss these two stores…I never do!
  • Muffie Faith
  • BootsChristmasESDESD findsHolidayMuffieShoppingTravel

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