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New Neighbors: Tavern & Table

We are so excited to welcome our new neighbors at Tavern & Table. We snagged a few pics from their Instagram of the amazing food and it tastes as good as it looks!

One of my best girlfriends had a birthday last week, she didn’t want to do anything for her birthday and I agreed to keep it quiet and low key. I was surprised when she called and said that there was a lunch planned for fifteen women at the “new restaurant” on Shem Creek. We all know that having fifteen women at the same table is a waiter’s nightmare filled with individual checks and “can I get that a little different?” and “Excuse me, can I have another piece of lemon?” But these women were amazing and Tavern and Table was amazing.

Tavern and Table is two doors down from my store so that is a no brainer for me. I was looking forward to checking out the new kid on the block and having lunch with my best buddy. Running late as usual, I blasted through the front door of the restaurant to a beautiful wood hallway of wood and crystal chandeliers… very upscale and chic. We gathered by the hostess stand and were taken to a wonderful long table in the corner with incredible views of Shem Creek, an amazing area that Mount Pleasant is known for.

Our waiter was fantastic; he calmly addressed all modifications with humor and a smile. There was only one, from the birthday girl, that was a little out of reach. He said he would have to ask the chef and see what SHE said.

Hey…chef is a woman….your stock with me just went up!

The food at Tavern and Table was so good that, I kid you not, there was not one thing left on any plate when it was all said and done. The girls made fun of me for ordering a salad and a side of brussel sprouts, then fought over my brussel sprouts. I highly recommend Tavern and Table and I really look forward to warmer weather when they can roll up the fun glass doors… but I’ll be back a few times before then.


  • Muffie Faith
  • CharlestonESDFavoritesFoodMount PleasantMuffieNeighborsShem Creek

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  • Jan 31, 2015

    We are big fans of the new Tavern and Table as well. Always have loved the views dining on Shem Creek but The Tavern and Table brings some welcome new food choices to the Creek. We can’t wait for a warm day to enjoy the fresh air!

    — Teresa Francis

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