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Mi Ossa - Building a Business Based on Helping Others

Mi Ossa sources materials from global artisans to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and leather accessories. Our design partners are women-run ateliérs in the USA, Haiti, El Salvador, and Ethiopia. They ensure a fair wage for skilled craftsmanship, which helps preserve families, communities, and creative traditions. We are investing in women entrepreneurs because they make visible, lasting change (and beautiful products!).

Each Mi Ossa piece is designed to be an artifact — something ageless, mysterious, and personal to the wearer. Our materials are both luxurious and sustainable: horn, bone, vegetable-tanned leather, gems, minerals, recycled sterling silver, gold, brass and metal. The designs reflect a love of elemental form; a perfect imperfection.

Nora Brookfield, Shannon Worrell + Clay Witt

Clay Witt's collections for Mi Ossa are made in Charlottesville and inspired by recurrent icons in art and design. He brings ancient alchemy to his process such as the lost wax casting method. As a Fulbright Scholar, he studied calligraphy and pigments in Syria. His luminous, mixed-media paintings are collected around the world.

The story, the rarity of materials, and the number of hands passed through in the process of being made is what makes each Mi Ossa design sacred and unforgettable.

Our LAB in Charlottesville occupies an old bottling factory on 10th Street. Visitors are welcome.


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  • Muffie Faith
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