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Ladies We Love: Rebecca Hinson

Rebecca Hinson, painter, illustrator, and watercolor extraordinare, shares some of her favorite pieces with us! Rebecca is inspired by all things fashion, beauty, and design with the effervescent southern charm we all know and love. Like our own Muffie her heart was forever changed after spending time in the Italian countryside and is juxtaposed in her work with her southern upbringing. 

Her favorite things to illustrate are fashion related and if we didn't have a shoe obsession already, we do now!




What first drew you to the arts?

Like most artists, I was drawn to the arts at an early age. I took private art lessons all throughout school; trying out lots of different mediums. I discovered watercolors and oils to be my favorite. 

What makes you want to illustrate fashion?

When I was in high school I wanted to be a fashion designer and attend NYU. I would illustrate clothes and create my own mock up ads for my brand. My desire to move to NY quickly changed when I fell in love with the campus at C of C and also decided I probably couldn't tolerate those New York winters (being the southern girl I am). Fashion illustration is the next best thing, if not better!   

Who is your favorite designer?

Lately I've found myself super attracted to anything Elie Saab. I love the flow of his gowns and their whimsical feel. 

 Will you be going to Charleston Fashion Week?

Indeed, there are quite a few nights I want to attend for CFW. The bridal show is definitely a must this year as I recently got engaged and am getting married in September.

When doing an illustration, what's the first step?

First, I do a simple rough draft sketch to figure out the layout. Then I go from there using my gouache watercolors and micron pens. 

What is the key to capturing someone's personality in an illustration? 

The key to capturing someone's personality starts with the coorespondance. You can really learn a lot about someone from just a few emails. I also like to have quite a few photos to go off of when creating a personal illustration. The photos people choose also tells a lot about themselves.

What inspiration do you draw from the energy on King Street in your studio?

What's not to love about King Street?! These days, it seems to always be bustling so it makes for a great place to people watch and get inspiration!  

What advice do you have for aspiring artists or illustrators?

My advice to any creative is to keep at it. Do what you love everyday and things have a way of working out. As an artist, you can never stop creating. 


Stop by Rebecca's Studio at 218 King Street and see her in action!




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