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Pinterest Inspirations from Muffie

If you’re like me you have visited the Pinterest hole. I go in for one thing and four hours, 3 new pin boards and 150 pins later I emerge, feeling inspired and tired. I have put together a few of my favorite pins and wanted to share them with you. I hope you enjoy!

I have a pair of earrings I wear constantly. I bought them at a random Dallas shop years ago and they are big gold hoops. The key reason I wear them so often is they are a great size but lightweight. I almost don’t even know they are there, something you can almost never find. So, when I found these I knew had I to buy them. They each have their own architecture, their own beautiful lines. Like other things I love, they demand to be looked at.

Architecture like ribbon and waves floating by is something that is almost impossible to capture. Dreams in the ceiling in a far away land hang from your earlobes with sun filtered through light like a dream. It’s not necessary to go to Agra for dreamy ribbon cut earrings, we brought the dream to you. 

So much can be said for a blue door with inconsistent design that creates perfection. So much can be said for turquoise, how strong of a color it is, and how dynamic it can be in relation to the things around it. Nothing beats a turquoise ring, an all white outfit in summer, or a blue door.

One evening I went to St. Chappelle, leaned my head back and looked at the stars in the sky. I got lost in the ceiling and the sublime architecture. There’s something about Paris, why is it everything Parisians create is attractive, intriguing, and so desirable? We listen to a string quartet in this amazing chapel and in the summer evening heat walked to a nearby café for a bottle of red wine to watch the people go by. The evening was complete!

 Pinterest does so many things and inspires quite a bit of creativity in me. Be sure to follow our board to keep up with all our ESD inspirations!



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