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  • Revamp Your Bedroom With These 8 Sexy Ideas
  • Muffie Faith

Revamp Your Bedroom With These 8 Sexy Ideas

Is your bedroom feeling a little lackluster but you're not ready for a complete redo? Try any combination of these tips to completely transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you have always dreamed of. 

 Luxe silk draperies (with fabulous trim) are one of the best ways to create drama and make a statement in your bedroom. 

 Does your bed need some umphf? Add a bench with gilded elements or an accent fabric like the animal print shown above. It's a small piece you can use to show your personality!  

Or Ceiling! 

 These fun colored and textured ceilings make a room totally unique and unlike adding more furniture, they don't take up any additional space. This trick can also heighten the look of your room while adding a warm or cool feeling to the space.

 Add an upholstered headboard to tie in all your furniture without changing any of your linens. They are easy to install and you can even build them yourself. Don't be afraid to mix it up and be bold, create a statement! You can do a unique shaped headboard with a solid fabric or the opposite and do a bold print fabric with a simple shaped headboard. This adds a dramatic affect to your bedroom and creates a statement piece.

So sexy and a super easy addition. This will also make your room have a more comfortable and cozy feel.  



Trims add a great texture to any pillow while also adding a fun pop of color. Try new color combinations that you wouldn't originally. Be adventurous and creative.

 Ottomans come in so many different shapes and sizes. We love ottomans here at ESD because you can choose a variety of fabrics as well without having to purchase a lot of yardage. Try anything from a beautiful silk to a luxurious velvet. This is a great way to revamp not only your room but update your furniture as well.

Find more fun pictures like this on Pinterest!

  • Muffie Faith

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