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A Different Kind of Mother's Day

When I think of my mother 

my heart and eyes well with tears. 

This is a hard Mother's Day. 

It will be the first Mother's Day with my mother gone. 


As I reflect on all the things I love about her 

I realize there isn't enough room on a page to explain how much she means to me. 


I am the eighth child. 

The baby of the family. 

I loved being her baby. 

I will always be my mother's baby. 


There is something about a mother's eyes that see your soul. 

A mother who is always happy when she sees your face. 

I was blessed to have 54 years with this amazing woman. 

I wanted more. 


To all the mothers out there whose mothers are not here, 

I send my love and understanding. 

To all the mothers who celebrate this day with their children, their mothers, grandmothers or those who they love with a mothers love, 

I send up a heaven filled with stars 

and more flowers then you can hold. 

I send you the peaceful sleep a new mothers craves and long visits an old mama hopes for. 


Happy Mother's Day, 

from me to you! 

  • Muffie Faith
  • lossmommothersmothers day

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  • May 04, 2017

    I loved reading your Mothers’ Day post and it caused me to go back to read all your posts. I thoroughly enjoyed them all, Muffie! Beautiful tribute to your mother! I remember her fondly and hope to see you again…

    — Florrie Price

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