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Back In London...Losing Track of Time

Back in London...and the days are starting to mix together. I was never good at math...

Dinner in London post Morocco.   Nobu Shoreditch

Lots of flying, driving, and buying is taking a toll. Needed sleep early! Got an early reservation, so for about 20 minutes we had the place all to ourselves.

It is actually a hotel as well (www.nobuhotelshoreditch.com), and Robert De Niro is a partner ...so needless to say, it's cool. The New York Times just came out with an article about it this week.  Check it out:

What Robert De Niro and Nobu Matsuhisa Love About Hotels 


The exterior is just as amazing as the interior! I was blown away by the simple yet provocative deconstructed architecture. Don't miss it! Great design and a fun evening to be had by all. 

Peace Always,

Muffie Faith

  • Muffie Faith

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