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  • Gifts that Give Back: Woven Promises One-of-a-Kind Baskets
  • Muffie Faith

Gifts that Give Back: Woven Promises One-of-a-Kind Baskets

Namibia… how can you even say the word and not think… interesting. How the word rolls over your lips. I think of color. Beautiful, strong, soulful color in the fabrics, the art, the talent, and the people. 
ESD is honored to carry one of-a-kind pieces, which are hand-woven in the Kavango Region of Namibia, Africa. These amazing pieces of art are created from palm shoots and local grasses and then plant-dyed to create traditional, African designs. 
There is so much to these beautiful designs. I could sell you on the design alone or I could ask you to imagine the basket with a checkered napkin in it with warm wrapped bread being passed your way.

It just feels special.
But, I really want you to know that when you enjoy these baskets it supports the artisans directly. Through the purchase of these fair trade baskets you are supporting the talented weavers directly and providing funds to educate at-risk girls through their partnership with FAWENA (Forum for African Women Educationalists in Namibia).  
We fully support and admire the Woven Promises mission and have amazing pieces we have hand selected in the store. Come check them out and enjoy a beautiful gift that gives back! 
  • Muffie Faith

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