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Going on a Buy

Going on a buy I take a lot of parts of me with me.  I know that sounds funny but it is true. 

Confident Curator

Energizer Bunny

Tired Me

Insecure, Doubtful Me (What if I pick what I like and no one likes it)

And always the budget avoider!

Oh... and I can't forget the rationalizer. 

We all get up before daylight if needed, go to faraway places and get lost in the hunt. 

I love the hunt for beautiful things. 

This summer I spent a month and a half buying in the UK, Belgium, France, Holland, Italy and a few towns in Morocco. 

It was a huge buy! 

There are so many beautiful things packed in the FOUR containers coming!

Antiques, art, china, lighting (old and new), garden pots, statues and rugs!

So many beautiful rugs!  It was so much fun hunting for just the right size and color and softness. No machine-made rugs just amazing handmade beauties. Who knew buying rugs was so fun! 

The containers are all hitting the port at once and the excitement builds. 

Then the worry comes how are we going to fit all these amazing items into the stores?

Then I go back to my pictures and am reminded this was the BEST buy I have ever done and I can't wait for you to see what I love!!

Peace Always,


  • Muffie Faith
  • AccessoriesArtBelgiumESDESD findsEuropeFranceHollandItalyMoroccoMuffieShoppingTravelUK

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