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London to Morocco! Day 10

I've always loved to travel to new places...see how others live and what inspires them. What do they believe in? 

I'll never forget leaning on my backpack in Tahiti by the water waiting on a ferry to the Island of Moorea. I was in route to Australia but first wandering the islands of Tahiti.
It was early and the street venders we just opening up...making coffee... getting started. As the minutes ticked by, the area got busy and the day began. "This is it," I thought. A traveler. An observer.

Somewhere in life it changed. My traveler was replaced with a homebody. My observer was replaced by a worrier. When did I lose her? Where did I lose her?
Was it when I had my children...raising them...wanting everything to be safe?
My children are grown, free spirit travelers of their own now. They tell me to "get a life".
"Get a life?". I've never been busier. But really, busyness is not life.

So... I am trying something new.

I flew to England (I don't like to fly), and I have enjoyed every minute.  The people are lovely (notice the new vocabulary), and I have discussed politics and gardens and design and have traveled all over. I have met such nice people from all over the world. (I have only met 2 from England! Everyone else is from every place you could image.)

What have I always wanted to do? Write. As simple as this is. I like talking to you and telling you what I see. I have always wanted to be brave and see the world and have seen a lot, but as I sat with friends in London, I said it outloud... I've always wanted to go to Morocco. There was a time in my carefree days I jumped on a plane and went to Tunis just because I wanted to say I had been on the continent of Africa...and so I did. And now I'm doing the same. I said it, I planned it, and I am going!

Hurtle one: get in the plane and go! Done. As I write this I am on the plane with 2 hours to go. I'm proud of myself but shocked at how nervous I am.

Hurtle two: don't get sick. Tbd.

Hurtle three: find amazing things to bring back to my clients and customers. That will be the fun part. I'm good at that. I've done my research and I plan on September being the best ever at Elizabeth Stuart Design (ESD).
I have been shipping things back all along the trip, and I know you're going to love them. I always know it is a good buy when I just want everything to come to my house 😬.

UK buy is being loaded as I type... and now we will see what I find in Morocco!
Three more countries to scour next and then home. Come with me... it should be fun! 

Flying over the straights of Gibraltar. Blue water below and the occasional container ship. Getting excited!

Over Casablanca the soil is red. Every shade of clay color then the pattern turns to a weave of pink brick color and green! It isn't a checkered quilt like the UK. This is a tightly woven mosaic!

And now the desert! Pink beige clay color and what I think are fault lines of green.
White sand. Little towns in the desert with walls all around them.


Twice now I've been on the continent of Africa! Boom! I made it!

You know its going to be a worthwhile trip when you are immediately inspired by the architecture before you have even left the airport!

And we're off!

Peace Always,

Muffie Faith

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