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Morocco Buy Day 11

We landed in Marrakech and went straight to buying.
Braced with hand sanitizer and my fears of getting sick in check (I have low blood pressure, so getting sick can make things complicated real quick), but I'm prepared!

I have met such nice people.
We hunted the countryside and area until late in the night and at the end we were all ready to go home for dinner.

Home.. I am staying at the most amazing hotel. Le Royal Mansour (www.royalmansour.com).  The king owns it, and it is a blog in itself! "King Mohammed VI commissioned the hotel for an unknown amount and is where presidents stay. It took 1,000 craftsmen three and a half years to piece, carve and weld together. Nothing was too extravagant. There is a network of underground tunnels that staff ride around on golf buggies ferreting things to and fro." (UK Daily Mail...see below for article)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-3121482/Gold-walls-onyx-floors-truffle-ice-cream-underground-cinemas-Inside-king-Morocco-s-five-star-hotel-tour-Marrakech-s-dazzling-streets.html#ixzz4mH00qK3c

It is almost off season and I feel somewhere between a lucky duck and a queen. Everything here is hand crafted. Everything.

The colors and combinations are extremely sophisticated, and dare I say the king has impeccable taste.


There's a garden we walked through, and it's all brand-new with giant transplanted fruit trees... Bougainvillea with trunks as wide as a small tree and beautiful tall, tall Palms. We were told the king came to his hotel and didn't like the garden and requested that it all be ripped out and replaced. He loves his garden. I like this man.

Peace Always,


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