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  • Thanksgiving is now one of my favorite holidays.
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Thanksgiving is now one of my favorite holidays.

Thanksgiving... my standard response through the years was, "It's my least favorite holiday"

You spend all day cooking (my sisters did) and then eat yourself silly (everyone did that)
Then completely stuffed, you do dishes...for what seems like hours! 

Maybe that was because I always have kitchen duty. 

I’ve changed.  I think I understood the change when I was giving an interview. “What is your favorite meal?”

Thinking... thinking...thinking... “Oh.. I know!  Thanksgiving!!!”

Hmmm that was a different response, but now it is so true. 

All my favorite people (my family)

All my favorite foods at one time! (My grandmothers strawberry salad that my sister now makes) the original stuffing we always had (said because now everyone thinks they have the best stuffing recipe) and always the first bite of turkey (while it is still being carved)


My brother in law cooks the turkey to perfection and then carves it only as a doctor could. One year we made him wear his white coat!

And .. not to be forgotten, my pecan pie which I BUY every year from Jim and Nicks. Someone will always say it’s too sweet, but will eat two pieces anyway and usually that’s the same person who is sure to tell me to remember to bring it again next year!

When I was growing up, my job was to set the table.  I took it seriously and my mother let me use anything I wanted.  I loved that about her! 

We now all go to my sister Marie’s house and her table is exquisite! She takes table setting double serious! It is special to sit among her favorites, see the name cards, flowers and the family china on the table and we always have the tradition of “the kids table.”

Thanksgiving is now one of my favorite holidays. 

Family perfect and not perfect together.

Foods from my childhood and memories and laughter with family. This year without my mom I know there will be tears. But you know... I’m happy to do the dishes and Marie I promise I will clean with the utmost care!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and peace to the world. (We need it extra this year)

I give thanks for you!



  • Muffie Faith
  • ESDFamilyFavoritesFoodHolidaysLoveMuffieTable SettingThanksgiving

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