Interior Design

London Travel Day 6

I woke up to a gray, drizzly day? Perfect! I was planning on shopping for clients and the stores anyway!

...so this is what everyone speaks of when they say it always rains in London. Maybe it's because I just got here but I'm thrilled, and everyone has been so nice on this rainy day. I've even had people direct me on what kind of shoes I should be wearing so I don't slip. And then I found an amazing spot with pieces that make your heart skip a beat! I took out client measurements and wish lists and had the best day ever. 

I'm sure my phone bill is going to be horrendous because I couldn't hold my excitement and called the store back and forth to make sure measurements were correct and just to share by rabid enthusiasm. 

Amazing lamps. Perfect for a chic living room.

Don't have anywhere to place it but the design was so cool.

These reminded me of the Popsicles I would get off the ice cream truck and then much much much later...bought for my children in large packages at Walmart! Who knows how much sugar I gave them, but I loved the colors then just like I love the colors now in these.

A martini, please!

This one I plan on placing. Working on shipping. Praying the price will be right.

Candy dishes that look like lotus flowers. I think they MAKE a coffee table. I love them all!

I plan to put this in a garden I'm doing. The tiles will be perfect and the color is amazing!

Worried about getting these back but I'm going to try. Incredible, beautiful mirrors at Elizabeth Stuart Design soon!

Now I need to go wash my feet because I wore sandals...which wasn't very smart on a rainy day in a field, and my feet are disgusting now!

Peace Always,